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We Support Landlords and Tenants in DC and Maryland

We help both landlords and tenants navigate Maryland and D.C.’s complex, and often confusing, rental laws. We can assist you with compliance issues, evictions, wrongful evictions, and matters involving alleged housing code violations.

How We Can Help

The key to any successful business is having all of your paperwork in order. This is especially true when you are a landlord. Together we will review your lease and other related documents to ensure that you are getting started on the right foot.

A lease governs the relationship between landlord and tenant. When that lease is violated it can create significant problems that require court intervention. Whether it is a violation of a lease term or a failure to pay rent we can help you determine the next best steps.

Managing or living in a property that is not compliant with applicable housing codes requires appropriate and quick action to mitigate potential loss and harm. Our team can help you navigate these waters.

It may be necessary to remove a tenant from a property for a variety of reasons. We can help ensure any eviction is done properly.

A tenant who stays in a property beyond their legal right to do so can be a nuisance. However, there are rules that must be followed. Our team can help you resolve these matters.

Removing someone from their home without proper legal process can be devastating to both tenant and landlord alike. To avoid serious legal fallout, it is important to have representation during these matters. We are here to help.

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